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: LG Rocker dongle

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     LG Rocker dongle

    29.12.2008 LG Rocker v1.0 released

    Whats new:

    * Unlock support for LG Qualcom new security based phones (KU250, U250, KU990, KF310, etc)
    * Automatic backup creation
    * Backup restore
    * NVM backup/Restore
    * Memory reading (NAND, RAM, DIAG)

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    30.12.2008 LG Rocker v1.01

    Whats new:

    Added more chipsets (MSM6270, MSM6281)
    Added Session logging
    Some minor cosmetic fixes

    In case You get any error, please send us session log files from current operation.

    Enjoy using Rocker Dongle !

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    30.12.2008 LG Rocker v1.02 released

    Whats new:

    * Booting process improved
    * Logging system improved

    Enjoy using Rocker Dongle !

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    02.01.2009 LG Rocker v1.03 released

    Whats new:

    * Added chipset MSM4090201C to the known list (MSM6280 compatible)
    * Added chipset MSM4090201D to the known list (MSM6280 compatible)
    * Added chipset MSM41204009 to the known list (MSM6280 compatible)
    * Added Automatic/Manual chipset selection

    So far all known chipsets with new security are supported ! Here is list:

    * MSM6280
    * MSM6281
    * MSM6245
    * ESM6270
    * MSM4090201C
    * MSM4090201D
    * MSM41204009

    More Details See Here:

    Enjoy using Rocker Dongle !

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    LG Rocker Q&A (supported models)


    Here is short Q&A about LG Rocker supported models and activations:

    Q: What models are supported with LG Rocker ?
    A: Models based on MSM6280 chipset and its varioations:

    KC910, KC910Q, KC910AQ, KC910QAT,

    KU990, KU990GO, KU990MF, KU990R, KU250, KU380, KU970

    CU515, CU575, CU720, CU915, CU920




    KE990, KE990D, KE990C

    KF310, KF390, KF700

    KT610, KT615


    TU515, TU575, TU720, TU815

    U250, U370, U960, U970, U990
    Any other model based on supported chipsets
    Q: Which chipsets are supported ?
    A: Following chipsets are supported at the moment:

    MSM21302430 (Select MSM6280 manual mode)

    Q: What versions are supported ?
    A: Absolutelly all versions !

    Q: Is this software standalone, and does it require logs or credits ?
    A: LG Rocker is standalone, and activation is UNLIMITED

    Q: How to purchase activation for LG Rocker ?
    A: You can purchase directly from us, or via preffered reseller. Price is 99 EURO.

    Q: What is required for LG Rocker activation?
    A: Card ID is required. You can see Your Card ID when You log in to support

    Q: What cable is used with LG Rocker ?
    A: Standard USB Data cable which comes with phone package

    Q: What drivers are required ?
    A: LG Modem USB driver package, You can download it from Rocker support area

    Q: Will You include firmware update support, and when ?
    A: Yes, we will include flashing, and it should be ready in week or two

    Q: Will LG Rocker support old phones, like U310, U450 ? (MSM6250)
    A: We will release it when we decide it is right moment

    Q: How can I receive free activation for 50 unlocks ?
    A: If Your card is activated between 2008-12-27 and 2009-01-15 You're entitled to receive free activation for 50 unlocks.

    Q: How can i check when my card is activated ?
    A: Open Rocker Dongle support, and click "LG Activation" link. You'll see following :
    "CardID: 2790C3A9B6BXXXXX; Activated on: 200x-xx-xx"

    Fill out the form with correct Card ID and Your valid e-mail, and click "Submit".

    Q: I have requested free activation and now my account is suspended
    A: You have tried to cheat the system, and Your account is suspended

    Q: How can i unsuspend my account ?
    A: You must contact Your reseller and give valid explanation why You wanted to cheat the system.

    Thats all for now. If there is anything to ask which is not covered already, please feel free to ask.

    Regards, Legija.

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     LG Rocker dongle

    05.01.2009 LG Rocker v1.04 released

    Whats new:

    Added support for MSM21302430 chipset
    Added support for MSM4120452K chipset
    Fixed a general flaw in the initalization of communication interface with phones (unable to start preloader)

    Please download and install "LG_Rocker_v1.04.exe" from Rocker Dongle support.

    Enjoy using Rocker Dongle !


    Here is log with Brasil KF390Q which is not supported by any other tool on market!


    Detecting phone...
    Detected phone on COM8. Connecting...OK
    Firmware: KF390Q-MSM4120452K-V10a-JUL-11-2008-BTM-BR
    Current mode: NORMAL

    Qualcomm chipset: MSM4120452K
    Preparing phone for booting...OK
    Sending preloader into phone...OK
    Starting preloader. Please wait...OK
    Sending ramloader. Please wait...OK
    Starting ramloader. Please wait...OK

    Unlocking your phone...
    Reading data. Please wait...OK
    Reading mirror data. Please wait...OK
    Adding data to the Backup Database...OK
    Current simlock state: LOCKED with FLAG0
    Writting data. Please wait...OK
    Unlocked OK

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    *23.01.2009 LG Rocker v1.05 released*

    Whats new:

    * Added chipset MSM21301207T to the known list (MSM6280 compatible).
    * Added chipset MSM32701001 to the known list (MSM6280 compatible).
    * Added chipset MSM232521C to the known list (MSM6280 compatible).
    * Added Support Access button (LG Rocker has new support server)
    * Uploaded around 40GB of flash files
    * Preparing support for MSM6250A phones

    All new security phones are MSM6280 compatible. So in case You get "MSMxxxxxx" is not supported, uncheck auto mode and set chipset to MSM6280 !

    Since we had some unexpected troubles in last two weeks, MSM6250A release will take some time. Hopefully from next week we will start adding all models starting with U310. Same applies to 2G models.

    Please download and install "LG_Rocker_v1.05.exe" from support.

    Enjoy using Rocker Dongle !


    There is around 1020 different new security firmware compilations. So others have lots to do . . .
    Even 10 firmwares daily, its still 50 days . . .

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    *04.02.2009 LG Rocker v1.06 released*

    * :*

    *U310*. : U310-MSM6250A-V10A-OCT-12-2006-H3G-IT
    *U450*. : U450-MSM6250-V10A-MAY-04-2007-H3G-IT
    forced mode!
    , , (http://forum.gsmhosting.com/vbb/show...92#post4126492)! !
    , LGRocker_v1.06.exe.
    Rocker Dongle!

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    Administrator   bond95
    Ukraine -Lvov
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    LG Rocker 1.07 news:
    - Added U300 unlock, firmware: U300-MSM6250A-V10C-JUN-16-2006-H3G

    - Added U310 unlock, firmware: U310-MSM6250A-V10A-OCT-12-2006-H3G
    - Added U310 unlock, firmware: U310-MSM6250A-V10B-NOV-01-2006-H3G
    - Added U310 unlock, firmware: U310-MSM6250A-V10D-FEB-01-2007-H3G
    - Added U310 unlock, firmware: U310-MSM6250A-V10E-MAR-30-2007-H3G
    - Added U310C unlock, firmware: U310C-MSM6250A-V10A-OCT-31-2006-H3G
    - Added U310C unlock, firmware: U310C-MSM6250A-V10C-NOV-21-2006-H3G

    - Added U450C unlock, firmware: U450C-MSM6250-V10A-MAY-04-2007-H3G

    - Added U890 unlock, firmware: U890-MSM6250A-V10A-MAR-21-2006-H3G
    - Added U890 unlock, firmware: U890-MSM6250A-V10A-MAR-24-2006-H3G
    - Added U890 unlock, firmware: U890-MSM6250A-V10A_WM-APR-18-2006-H3G
    - Added U890 unlock, firmware: U890-MSM6250A-V10A_WM-JUN-07-2006-H3G
    - Added U890 unlock, firmware: U890-MSM6250A-V10B-MAY-23-2006-H3G
    - Added U890 unlock, firmware: U890-MSM6250A-V10B_WM-APR-29-2006-H3G
    - Added U890 unlock, firmware: U890-MSM6250A-V10E-JUN-20-2006-H3G
    - Added U890 unlock, firmware: U890-MSM6250A-V10F-JUN-28-2006-H3G
    - Added U890C unlock, firmware: U890C-MSM6250A-V10C-MAY-08-2006-H3G

    - Added U900 unlock, firmware: U900-MSM6250A-V10B-MAY-10-2006-H3G
    - Added U900 unlock, firmware: U900-MSM6250A-V11B_WM-NOV-23-2006-H3G
    - Added U900 unlock, firmware: U900-MSM6250A-V11C-OCT-19-2006-H3G
    - Added U900 unlock, firmware: U900-MSM6250A-V11G-JAN-23-2007-H3G

    - Added scanning for connected phone.
    - Slightly improved file system handling.
    - Restore of OTP phones (U300, U310, U450, U880, U890, U900), become more user friendly.
    The Restore may be needed in these cases:
    1. After first unlock stage user stopped the software (closed it, it freezed, electricity were down, hurricane, etc)
    2. User used Advanced page's features
    Thus phone will stay frozen in the LOGO stage each time on power-up. To restore it into the functional state
    there is no need to use the emergency mode to re-flash it. Just click 'Unlock' button and all will be reverted back.

    ************************************************** *******************
    ************************************************** *******************
    ************************************************** *******************


    Dear customers!
    Different kinds of USB over Network softwares are now banned and not permitted to be used.
    BE ADVICED: If LGRocker software detects usage of USB over Network stuff - you'll get the Warning.
    Second time it does detect it - your dongle will be blocked permanenty.

    ************************************************** *******************
    ************************************************** *******************
    ************************************************** *******************

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    Super Moderator   Sammuel
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    06.03.2009 LG2G Rocker v1.00 released

    Whats new:

    Added support for 109 AD Chipset based models:

    B2000,B2050,B2060,B2070,B2100,B2150,B2250,C1100,C1 150,
    C1200,C1400,C2100,C2200,C3100,C3300,C3310,C3320,C3 380,
    C3400,C3600,F2100,F2200,F2300,F2400,F2410,F3000,F7 100,
    G639,G828,G1500,G1600,G1610,G510W,G3100,G5200,G521 0,
    G5220C,G5300,G5300I,G5310,G5400,G5600,G7070,G7100, G7120,
    KG110,KG115,KG118,KG119,KG120,KG130,KG210,KG220,KG 221,
    KG225,KG228,KG238,KG240,KG245,KG280,KG290,KG291I,K G296,
    KG320,KG328,KG800,KG90,KG920,KG928,KP110,KP115,KP1 30,KP135,
    KP170,KP175,KP200,KP202,KP210,KP215,KP230,KP233,KP 235,KP260,
    KP265,L3100,L341I,L342I,L343I,M6100,MG100,MG101,MG 105,MG110,
    MG115,MG120,MG125,MG280,MG320,MG610,MG800,MG808,P7 200,
    Auto Backup calibration data on unlock and repair operations
    Unlock network locks
    Repair "Service not Available"
    Read/write full backup, code data backup, alchemy data backup, calibration data backup
    Update Phone firmware
    Repair software faults

    This is initial release, so please report any problems or successfully operations here. We will be adding more chipsets to supported list with time.

    To run this software You need trial credits on card, or full activation for LG Rocker.

    Please download and install "LG2G_Rocker_v1.00.exe" from support.

    Enjoy using Rocker Dongle !


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