1. Open Mcnpro Box main software .Start to scan phone , Apply info.(this time you need holding phone Power on Key)

2. Now you can see Software automatic convert to ADI interface ( Included related target boot )

3. Start to unlock or format phone before we need readout the phone Flash. Press Direct read ,and keep press power on Key , don't leave your finger away from power on Key(This is very important).

A . IF the phone switch on, still keep holding power on Key, just disconnect "+" from battery connector and reconnect "+" to battery connect.
B . Or disconnect "+" and cable , phone will be go to switch off, pulg in cable , you can see software ready start
going to downloading boot. then connect "+" to battery connect.

Now Please waiting a few mins. then save the Bin file to computer.

4. Steup for unlock . Press the unlock and select the saved file which we read above. then you can get the phone unlock code , manual type into phone, Phone unlocked .

5. For format need make backup before .

6. For flash just choose the related flashfile then press Flash button

Enjoy Easy plug / play games. :)

Best Regards !

Mcnbox Team