Here is short manual for PDS Repair function with Ultima Box :

Download and install "PDS_Repair_v3.usp" from Ultima Box server.
The UBOX Client will create following files and folders in Your USB Flash disk:

Disk Root\Motorola\Repair\
Disk Root\Motorola\rpFiles\

Now You can download PDS Repair packs from Turbo Support. On Flash disk, create subfolders in "Disk Root\Motorola\rpFiles\" coresponding to phone models. Extract repair packs to created folders, and You're ready to work.

Since procedure is not same for LTE2 and LTE phones, bellow is explanation:

- LTE2 Phones (V360, L7SLVR, V3R, V3i, V235)

PDS Repair is done in one step. Simply connect phone with TP to Box, remove the TP and start "Motorola\Repair\" .
The box will detect the phone, and ask You to select repair file. Press "Enter" key to enter browser menu, and select needed file.

The box will boot the phone, and perform repair.
After this step phone is repaired. You might need to reflash it if it shows "Code corrupt" or some other error.

- LTE Phones (U6, L2, L6, V190, V3, TRIPLETS, etc)
PDS Repair is done in two steps. depending on phone model, You might need to use test point. Here is procedure for L2/L6/V190 :

Connect phone PCB to box, with TP procedure. Navigate to "Motorola\Repair\" and execute it .
Box will ask You to select repair pack, confirm with enter key and navigate to needed file.
After first step, Box will ask You to reconnect phone. Do NOT use test point at step 2, simply connect phone PCB to box and press enter.

After these two steps, PDS is repaired, and now You need to reflash phone firmware using RSD and 1FF file from support.