As noticed few times already, some users seems to have less experience with Motorola TP-ing stuff.

Let me try to explain few problems arising due to this fact:

- Unknown Flash ID: 0090 0090
TP is connected to GND - Before doing anything with box or Rocker, first DISCONNECT test point.

- Unknown Flash ID: 00xx xxxx
TP has short or have very low resistance to GND, or CPU and Flash Chip is damaged. But also can hapen if in future there will be some totaly new flash chip released.
Clean the PCB, or rehot/resolder CPU + Flash Chip .

We'll probably know if there will be some new flash chip released, which will NOT HAPEN at least in next 3 months.

Last thing, here is again general procedure to work with test point on phones:

Step 1: Connect the test point to GND
Step 2: Power on the PCB, using USB cable or external power/battery (at this step phone already entered BLANK MODE )
Step 3: Now Disconnect test point. You dont need it anymore + nothing will work if You leave it connected.
Step 4: Do your stuff.

Test points are SAME so Yes, You can use Smart Clip, MSS4 or SATURN IV test points.